A Little Help From My Friends?

It is time for a bedroom makeover in our house and I need some help.

My first big problem is that I’m recovering from color-shyness.  From bedding to clothing, I’ve always ogled bright splashes of color but I inevitably cop out and buy the “safe” neutral option. A few months ago, in the clothing section at Target, something snapped (I blame Pinterest) and I bought a little bright blue dress with tiny red and yellow flowers all over it.  Suddenly, the flood gates opened.  Next was a bright paisley scarf, then electric magenta tights, then a navy and white chevron dress. I can’t stop. It’s wonderful.

So when our precious Spaghetti puppy chewed an 8 inch hole in our tame solid colored bedspread, I have to confess I got a little giddy.

I know this introduction of color in to my home SEEMS all well and good, but the problem is that the pendulum has swung so far to the other extreme that now I’m all Sticky McGrabbyhands around bright floral patterns, fun geometric shapes and bold color palettes and I’m seriously thinking about slathering my walls with stripey wall paper that MIGHT require my doctor to increase my anti-anxiety medication dosage and – that’s why I might need a little perspective.

Earlier I said “My first big problem is..” and then I talked about the colors and patterns and palettes oh my. Big problem numero dos is that I have no dinero. SO, since I’m not fond of purchasing used bedding, I’mma have to save up for most of these things.  THAT, however, is not your problem.

So, since I basically want all of these options and my wallet won’t support that, I need help narrowing them down.  Which of these are your favorites? least favorites? absolutely nots?








All I’m looking at here are the pillow cases – which cost $100 for the set, so I will likely never get these, but I really really really like them.

Credit-wise, it just so happens that all of these options come from Urban Outfitters except for:

#2: Anthropologie’s Nosegay sheets

#6: Handmade Blanket from Gypsya’s Etsy Shop

#7: Thomas Paul’s Moby Shams (That sounds like a band name!)

I’m hoping to do another post on wall art later, but… I think I’ll wait to see your thoughts on bedding first.


28 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends?

  1. cheekypinky

    I like the last one best.

    Also, IKEA often has bright and colorful…everything, really…
    and they tend to be far more budget friendly.

    Welcome to the bright side, lady!

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      The last one as in the one with the whales? or the last bedspread, the one from Etsy?

      The original bedding we got is from Ikea, and I do love them for their prices AND their selection, but for some reason nothing they had was really hitting me you know?

      1. cheekypinky

        The colorful one.

        The whales are AWESOME.

        I wonder if we could use fabric paint and make a bedspread *for* you? Levine’s sells astonishingly beautiful colors…

  2. Brandy

    I personally love #6. Yay for color! Just remember that it needs to work with whatever else you have color-wise on your walls, etc!

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      I know! I’ve been thinking about that. The walls are a bright buttery yellow. I love #6 too – a lot of people are suggesting #1, but I was reading some reviews (nerdy, I know) and they were mentioning that the white bits are more cream colored than in the picture, and it would get kinda…sepia-y in that room you know?

      1. Laura Jane Post author

        Though, as I mentioned in my comment to Brandy, the yellow walls and the cream color in #1 might not be my favorite thing. For some reason, I feel bright white would need to go with yellow.

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      I wandered around Target for about 2 hours the other night digging through their bedspreads and comforters. I’m certain the security guard thought I was up to something. I usually love their stuff, but nothing hit me that night as “aha!”

  3. Anonymous

    I like #6 the best. Finding out it’s a handmade Etsy find seals the deal for me, but that’s me.

    Also, in response to cheekypinky, you can design your own fabric and http://www.spoonflower.com will print it up for you. I haven’t done it yet, it’s expensive of course, but SO COOL!

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      I really like that one, too! But it occurred to me that my husband might want to be in on the choosing part…and he’s not all that excited about the bright florals. I might try to look for something with some more geometric aspects.

  4. Katrina

    You totally need to commission a textile artist to make you something, or hit up one of the quilt shows (do they have those in California or is it too “old” for all those younguns?) I love handmade, but am not a fan of that particular Etsy one. Of course, that’s my personal opinion…. In fact, I almost bought a nearly $1000 quilt made of entirely batiks that was SOOO gorgeous, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much, particularly for something that wouldn’t go with the handmade quilt hanging on our wall behind the bed. Anyway, have fun!!

  5. Ashley

    I love the black and white chevron. Here’s the thing — I love color too (our kitchen is painted turquoise) but you do want your bedroom to be cozy and serene for sleeping. I’d do your bold pops of color with throw pillows, a throw over the bed and wall art — things you can change out and that won’t break the bank. Our bedroom is a gray and white palette and I love it. Eventually we’re planning to add some peacock blue accents and we have a grellow vintage chair in there too.

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      Oooooo, my heart stopped with the words “peacock blue.” I do love that color. I’m still waffling about what to do here, I’m thinking I may go with a more neutral colored bedspread than originally anticipated and then, just as you suggest, use pillows and sheets and throws to add the color.

      1. Ashley

        I had wanted to do a peacock blue chandelier, but we will do with with art and pillows I think. AND Bryce had the fabulous idea of finding an old wooden dresser and sanding it and painting it peacock blue. Brilliant!

    2. Yvonne

      about pretty much every one of her paitginns. She had such a wonderful eye for color and contrast AND yes, it was probably painted in New Mexico or perhaps Arizona even in California as she also painted there as well. Hope to learn more from you soon.Anne Laura’ grand niece


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